driving from California


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In the spirit of the great American Road Trip, and so I can being what I want, I decided I would cast sanity to the wind and heed the call of the open road. I'll be driving from Sacramento California to Malvern starting July 5th expected to arrive the 9th. It will be a grueling 12 hours a day driving. yeah I know I'm going to spend as long in the car both directions as I probably will spend at the event. It is that important to me.
if somebody's interested in tagging along for all or part of it go ahead and post. I will be camping in a large tent with tent pegs that cause earthquakes in China. I was there during the Saturday Storm Lol so if your on the fence, here's your chance to go.


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You are brave. I've driven from Fremont, CA to Dallas, TX and back, as well as Billings, MT to Fremont. Don't forget to change your oil, check your tires and all fluids, and make sure your AAA membership is paid up before leaving ;-)


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Thanks Jeff,

Actually I am renting a car from Hertz, gonna put all those miles on THEIR car. And yes I will have my mechanic take a quick look at it before I leave, and yes, Good Sam Club Roadside assistance is paid up!

So either of you brave enough to do the drive? Anybody along the way want to join in part way there?
The time is approaching...


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Id be all over it if i could drive my own car and have gas...

I drove from salt lake to Pittsburgh in 36 hours once...