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Drongo....Not the Bird

What can I say, I have Polaris envy. For two years now I have had tiled Polaris plans sitting on my computer but for whatever reason never have gotten around to building one. Late yesterday evening I was hit with a major craving for some foam board (yes strange). Once home with newly purchased DTFB I set about with printing off plans whilst perusing a few of my favorite Polaris Youtube vids when i came across this in the suggestions links.....

Welcome ladies and gents to the Drongo......designed by Marcel du Plessis (RCGroups: vleisie). A Stryker styled float plane! I did a quick search for plans and build info and set about cutting foam. Fueled by late night oatmeal pancakes I did get everything cut out and hit the bed about 2am. It looks as if the Polaris will have to wait for the time being, hoping to have basic airframe assembled today. At this point I doubt I will build a de-papered float version but that may change, in this part of Texas wide open grassy fields trump flyable ponds.
IMG_0061.JPG IMG_0063.JPG
Should be noted, original design is based on depron which allows for the 800mm wing span on one sheet. Conversion to Dollar Tree will mean either sacrificing some wing span (765mm) or splicing two wing halves, I opted for a one piece wing at slightly smaller span.
k, slight modifications to suggested sparing....being that its sunday and lhs isn't open. Cheapy servos in, bulkheads and fuselage sides in place.
IMG_0064.JPG IMG_0065.JPG IMG_0066.JPG IMG_0067.JPG IMG_0068.JPG IMG_0069.JPG
With the weekend over the fun continues.....Fuselage closed up, firewall installed (a little out of square, easy fix with a couple flat washers), electronics routed and floats/fins in place.
IMG_0075.JPG IMG_0076.JPG IMG_0077.JPG IMG_0078.JPG IMG_0079.JPG
Brushless is an old RCTimer 2826 2200kv found in the scrape pile...30amp ESC and RX is a recycled Frsky V8R4-II. AUW appears to be 540g with 2200mah, DTFB makes for a heavier build than depron plus I got a bit messy with the hot glue. Although a little fat when compared to AUW specs of 500g, should fly fine. I always have the option of utilizing my often neglected 1800mah lipos to save on weight.
A brief aside: been about a year since last build, where has all the Scotch Extreme tape gone. Have checked every HD and Ace Hardware within 10 miles....nothing. Scotch not making the stuff anymore, and if so anyone found a reasonable substitute?
Why is it everytime i hole myself up in the house to build a plane, everyday of which seems to be ideal flying weather....when i finally finish the project and ready to maiden the next day the forecast calls for 20mph+ winds for the next week?!?!?
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well hell lets start with a couple right off top of my head.

1. always a good idea to read a couple steps ahead when building (which i didn't do)....hence the reason why i ended up with entirely enclosed Dubro ez connectors that i can't access to add a drop of locktite to the allan screw....very uncomfortable with that one.

2. Epoxy or GG would have been a better option for mounting the motor firewall, given me more time to square things up so i wouldn't have had to use flat washers to correct for my less than ideal thrust angle.

3. Hot glue also does not make for a "fun" time when trying to set spars.....again i know this but just lazy perhaps....which is why all my sparing is not flush with foam board....ouch

4. i know better than to try and tape up a plane after its already been assembled....but yet here i sit with a ton of exposed paper (did at least smooth off a bead of hot glue around all edges to keep paper in place)

5. This is a biggie.....heat guns and foamboard to not play well together even on the lowest setting.....see corrective action regarding misaligned firewall above.

All things i know but its all good cause even poorly built this thing should be good for at least a couple flights before it begins to break apart mid air lol. Anyways i have quite the balsa craving as of late.....shopping around at this very moment for the next victim.

Flight report to come once these tropical storm force winds give me a break.
I am telling you guys Scotch Extreme packaging tape is gone....at least in the north Texas market. Home Depot nothing, Lowes nothing, WalMart nothing, Target nothing, Staples nothing, Office Depot nothing, Hobby Lobby nothing, Michaels nothing.....not even a place for the stuff on shelves anymore??? I depended on this stuff, need alternatives.
BTW for me Duct Tape is not an option, too heavy and only use Gorilla 1" tape in limited applications. I need a strong light alternative, not interested in glassing anything even though I have the materials.....just want my dagum tape.


creator of virtual planes
Why is it everytime i hole myself up in the house to build a plane, everyday of which seems to be ideal flying weather....when i finally finish the project and ready to maiden the next day the forecast calls for 20mph+ winds for the next week?!?!?
Same thing happens to me all the time. Today was a perfect day for flying but I don't have anything currently flyable. By the time I finish my current project, it's going to be horribly windy out. Which just makes me less likely to actually work on building anything.
Looks as if bulk will be the way to go.....sorry about the "rantish" posts....was a bit testy this afternoon.

Updates regarding Drongo:
Well it sat on my build table too long and for some odd reason it grew a set of Kfm 2 wings....swear I didn't do it unless hot gluing in my sleep. Other notables, it is also wearing a new coat of Minwax, juuuuuust in case i opt to throw it in the pond. Control surfaces set to recommended throws with a touch of reflex added just in case. I have an early morning at the shop tomorrow, at which there are loads of wide open winter wheat fields just now popping. If wind is half what they are calling for at the break of dawn as is usually the case around here, may just toss it up and see what happens. The camera will be rolling, come what may.....weather permitting.