Solved DXe Transmitter Question


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Hello there, this is my first post on the flite test forum. My first airplane long ago was a Ready-To-Fly Mini Apprentice S, and it came with a DXe transmitter that supposedly has 6-channels, but when I compare to spektrum's other DXe transmitter, that one (spmr1000) has two more switches in the top left corner, whilst mine does not. The only switches mine has are flight mode(3 settings) control rates(2 settings) and motor disarm(2 settings). My question is, would it be possible to use 6 channels on this transmitter if I bought the AR620? The receiver in my mini apprentice (SPMAR636A) died in a crash awhile back.


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i assume you are talking about the DXe and the Dx6e? both are six channel but the 6e does have more switches. either can fly 6 channels.

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I purchased the AR620 at my local hobby store and bound it to the transmitter easily. Channels 1-4 are the sticks, 5 is the connected to the flight mode toggle switch and has 3 different positions. Channel 6 is the panic button. This only moves the servo on or off. Maybe this can be changed on the spektrum programming app, but I have no experience with that software. I look forward to using this in many airplanes.