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Dynaflite Bird of Time Sailplane

Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
I have built one motorized balsa glider, the "Red Swan" from Hobby King, but I'm hooked. This review was right up my alley and I'm planning to build another motor glider. The Red Swan was much heavier than it needed to be due to my inexperience as a builder and to the design of the kit as well. Too heavy sheeting, too much strength in some areas and not enough in others, etc. This kind of flight is a lot more fun than I expected it could be. The part that really scares me is if I lose signal with the plane when it's far up it could drift for miles! Great review, I'm hoping you do more stuff like this!
So Josh, how did you add the motor? I would be interested in a setup like yours, but I don't see an option for adding the motor to the ARF


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Did you cut off the fuselage nose and use the nose as a spinner? Just one layer of plywood for the firewall, any added reinforcement? Any thrust angle built in? Is the motor an inrunner or an outrunner with a reversed shaft, or? Did you mention motor size, prop, or battery size in the video? I had to listen with the sound off. It appears that the motor and battery reduce/replace nose ballast and that there is room for a sizeable battery, perhaps a 4 cell, in a compact configuration.

I would be reluctant to cut into the wings to add split flaps or ailerons but it would be nice to figure out what the existing rib structure looks like in order to contemplate modifications. I suppose it wouldn't be a big deal to remove the covering, take a look and then do a repair with matching Monokote, since the manufacturer supplies the color numbers.

Nice video. I think motor gliders are the coming trend in rc flying, with DL gliders right up there. Any method that eliminates the foam look on a plane adds tremendous value/appeal to the plane.



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A high aspect flying wing glider made of foam board would be a nice future project. Something big enough to have some load capacity. Perhaps a 8-10" wide straight center section with 29-30" swept wings to get the cg right. Pusher prop, no vertical fins or winglets necessary. Elevon control with some thought to split spoilers at the wing tips, as on the B2 bomber to allow for cross wind landings. A tricycle landing gear configuration could be an option. A built up box spar using some sort of easily available light wood, such as paint stir sticks? A pretensioned string ring structure around the perimeter of the wing to torsionally stiffen?

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David, "Josh Scott, do you want to try it?" Glider,"NOOOO!" David, "that doesn't sound good at all."
Its obvious, the planes are scared of Josh Scott, they will even burn out before they let him fly them.

No offense meant at all to Josh, I love his humor, and he really helps make the show!


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Seems like the burnt out motor would be a good time to shoot a flight tip video on the conversion... I'm getting one of these BTW - beautiful!!!!!
Back in the day (6-7 years ago) I remember hearing that there were problems with the construction of the wing spar on the BoT ARF. Do you know if these problems were resolved?


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Nice review guys - really enjoyed it.

The BoT is also a fun ridge soarer in light to medium winds. Just remember to land towards the road :p

image.jpg I bought this immediately after watching this video... I had to mount the motor on the outside and place a 4S 3000mah lipo as far toward the nose as I could and then add about an ounce of weight in the cock pit. I have not maidened it yet... image.jpg image.jpg
So a fear of mine is landing...I've had a big glider before that I should have installed spoilers on. The glider just kept going and I'd crash it into goal posts constantly. Does this need spoilers?
BOT spoilers

So a fear of mine is landing...I've had a big glider before that I should have installed spoilers on. The glider just kept going and I'd crash it into goal posts constantly. Does this need spoilers?
You will definitely have more control with spoilers. I am purchasing a Bird of Time and will be doing an electric conversion. I will also be planning to add spoilers to mine. My 4 meter glider would be a handful without spoilers.



I would also like your setup info. I am building a BOT electric. It sounds like a lot of weight is being added on most setups. My logic is let the weight be battery and motor instead of lead. The motor I am looking to install is http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__32818__Turnigy_GliderDrive_SK3_Competition_Series_3858_4_6_840kv.html it weighs 180 grams and running a 4 cell 2650. I think that should be close to balanced cg or adding very little weight. I am planning on running a 13x6 or 14x6 folding prop with this setup. What size spinner did you use? I Would like your input