Dynam PA18 Super/Piper Cub project with some FT-like mods...


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All right, I haven't shared this yet... At least not that I know of.

I am in the process of fixing up the first plane that I attempted when getting back into the RC plane hobby. It's a Dynam PA18 Super/Piper Cub. My wife got it for me as a gift one Christmas (it was either the Dynam or the Hobbyzone Champ). Unfortunately I had a hard time trying to fly the Dynam due to my newbie-ness, lack of experience, and lack of simulator practice time. I put the plane down and went with the Champ and had success with it.

Well now, parts for the Dynam have become very near impossible to find. I think they are slowly fizzling this particular model out. So, using new parts and some of my FT building skills, and the fact that I hate to trash an airframe, I am gonna give it another go. It may be a success this time or could still continue being a failure.

Since parts are hard to find. here's a list of mods that I have done...
-replaced original ESC and motor. Now running a 30A ESC and 1300KV brushless motor (the original motor was one of those bell type brushless motors)
-replaced broken plastic motor mount with FT mini power pod style with FT mini firewall
-Replaced tail section. Some of the pics show it with a white tail section b/c I could never find a yellow replacement tail. I never bothered painting it b/c the foam was so brittle and it broke very easily. I have since replaced it with a foamboard tail using the FT Simple Cub plans. The dimensions for the Dynam and FT Simple Cub are extremely close.
-Replaced all servos with new 9g servos...old servos got stripped for other projects
-Ditched single aileron servo for dual aileron servos
-Both battery compartments (it had 2...one for small battery and one for a large battery) had these plastic inserts already installed. I have since cut the plastic pieces out to open the cavities up. And then build up these areas with foamboard

I should mention, I included a pic to the original transmitter that came with the plane. I have since ditched that and will be using my Spektrum DX6, so I'm thinking that will make this experience much better too since I can really fine tune things.

So pretty excited to see if I can officially have some success with this plane. I do blame my lack of experience for a lot of the early failures. I also sorta feel it was lacking some in the quality department too. And don't get me started on the manual for the thing. Knowing what I know now, it was definitely not the best beginner plane...at least for me. But I do want to really try now to have some success with it, so we'll see how it goes. I'll post updates on it when I can.

Oh, and I put a video on my youtube channel about this plane too.


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