Easily packed planes without risking damage


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Today I was trying to load my planes (all mighty minis) in the car for a weekend trip, but I found it impossible to get them in the car without risking damage, so I only ended up bringing one.
I am thinking of modifying a couple of the designs to make them take down easily into a compact package and then make a foamboard box to put them in.
I am thinking of starting with modifying the Mini Sportster to have removable wings. I also want to figure out a way to either fold or remove the vertical stablizers on my mini F22 and be able to consistently fix them back in place. One thing I thought of was 3D printing the stabilizers in two pieces and adding holes to insert an alignment pin. If I printed them without top and bottom layers, light infill, and then covered them in tape, I should be able to keep them fairly lightweight.
Has anyone done anything like this or have some ideas about how to do it?