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Eclipson plans

Hi there, I posted this in another section, and got the post wrong. I am looking for anyone that has the plans to the Eclipson Model Z which is discontinued and there is no way to get the plans other than seeing if anyone has them. I tried contacting Eclipson about the plans, and there is no way to get them from them. Does anyone have the stl files for it and are willing to share them. Thanks.
Looks like the files are still available on their website?

They’re a commercial business so you need to pay for them. I think they do have a plane that’s free - model A?
Yeah, its lists, but if you try to click on it to purchase, it won't allow you. If you go to the model listing page for all the planes, at the bottom it is listed as discontinued. Also I have printed out the model A, but I was trying to get the Z to get the steerable tricycle landing gear. Trust me, I told the guy from eclipson I would be happy to pay for it, but they don't offer it. So I am stuck trying to find someone that has printed it and has the files so I could get them from them. I am guessing since it is a discontinued model, sharing the files shouldn't be a problem since you can't buy them anymore.