EDF experiences (Not so good)

L Edge

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I always wanted to design a EDF VTOL and went for it. When I got into foam, my first plane was a F-22 and used that to keep a baseline of how it performs in the flight environment.

So went for it when EDF's came on the market. That era, the max vanes were only 5 and then came 2 D thrust vectoring gimbal that gave additional control in elevons and rudder. So lets try it said I, and used a EDF 64, exhaust tube and helicopter parts to control roll, pitch and yaw.

edf vtol.JPG

If you look below the tube, it was mounted to a servo that had the whole ducted fan rotate to vertical and the rear controlled direction in either mode. That way it could hover or fly in flight. Got forward flight nice and CG was under the axis of servo.
Vertical just didn't have enough thrust to lift it firmly and have good control of it. As the battery used the amperage up, it reduced the ability to lift. Tried heavier battery,lost out.
System sucked, so in the boneyard it went.

Being dummer than dumb, hey, why not build a F-22, mount the tubing, don't use any control surfaces at all, and you have a new and different airplane to fly that has no moving control surfaces at all.
rear view.jpg

Above, you see I had 3 servos set up so you had a rudder, and 2 horizontal blades so you had elevons. It flew fast, slow and to make a landing, kept some power on to land. I was so proud of it, man, and did a number of flights.

Then 1 day, the EDF quit running while flying. End of project, back to the boneyard. Another lemon.

Have any experience like mine? Let me know.