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electric cub II moter issue


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electric cub II motor issue

I recently bought a electric cub II and I am in the process of building it. the problem is it calls for a T600 reverse rotation motor. this motor is available to buy but it is brushed and it needs special order battery and esc. I would like to mount a brushless motor but I am new to the RC world and have no idea what size brushless I would need. can anyone help?
here is a link to the motor it calls for if its any help: https://www.greathobbies.com/productinfo/?prod_id=GPMG0700
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you could use
this motor

This ESC

and a 2800mah 3cell battery.

Have you already bought this plane? I ask because I understand you are a new pilot and that is a wooden plane that is in kit format which means that it is just a bag of wooden parts that you have to put together, glue, and cover in monokote. I wouldn't recommend buying this plane because it is way to much for a new pilot. It's big, it's pretty, its balsa, and if you are a new pilot then it's going to become a pile of sticks because you are going to crash. everyone crashes but when you are a new pilot you crash more so you want a plane that when it crashes it will be able to survive better. Also this is not a new pilot friendly plane. Most scale planes aren't. I would recommend getting a apprentice 15e with SAFE and learning to fly on that then one day when you have flying skill step up to more advance plane. Watch this series made by flite test your going to learn alot from it. Also join an rc club if you have one near you.

yes I already bought the plane but no worry's, I have 2 other planes (A super cub and a sukhoi SU-29mm) that I fly lots and I am getting pretty good, I also practice on a simulator I bought so no worry's by the time I am done I will have no problem flying this plane.
thanks for the motor and ESC size! big help!