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This might seem a little weak but I need some help on doing the initial connections/setup of the electronics on my swappable Spitfire. I haven't gotten my transmitter yet but I do have the Spektrum AR410 receiver so I assume I can at least work through the connections and get them sorted. I have checked all the servo positions with the simple servo tester (and have a bit of initial trimming to do since I didn't check this during construction) so other than going through the binding process I can do everything else. Is there a video walk-thru I can review for this?



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Until you get your transmitter not much more can be done, once you have the transmitter then you can start checking everything out, servo direction, throws etc.


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Agreed. You’ll hear people talk about things like expo, rates, trimming, model configuration, etc., but all of that can vary from transmitter to transmitter, from pilot to pilot, and definitely from plane to plane.

While we can talk about settings, some of it won’t make much sense until you actually start playing with it on the bench because you won’t be able to see the changes it makes.

Which reminds me:

When you get to that point where you are doing your bench testing and setup, take off the prop. I’ve seen accidents in the pits with people accidentally bumping the throttle or hitting the throttle kill switch accidentally and the prop spins up to full, pulling the plane into someone and cutting them up severely. Better to be safe than need stitches or surgery!