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Endurance challenge

I have always liked endurance .
The basic idea is to have multiple planes circling and whoever stays the longest in the air wins!They are allowed to use extra power sources such as solar cells.

Here are the rules:

The aircrafts must be fully electric
They must not have batteries of capacity more than 5Ah
Combat is allowed
Each pilot is entitled to 3 attacks

P.S Can you guys do video after the Flitetest, involving David Windestal, Ed o'beirne and other master builders?

Just a request.

Thanks and warm regards,
Karthick Ahwath
Like this idea, especially the "combat is allowed" part!
The 3 attacks I'm not so sure of, maybe 3 types of weapons on each craft!
Melee and Ranged weapons plus misc 'hard point' to be used for an additional weapon or defensive capability, operating in teams to allow a gunner/spotter as well as pilot.

I'll stop now before I get even more carried away!

Cool idea.