1. T

    Help! Need expert input into ideas for upcoming design comp

    Hi, apologies if this is in the wrong section, but I'm hoping to source some input and suggestions on my ideas for an upcoming indoor flying challenge in my uni class. The challenge is to build a foamie that can fly within the constraints of an indoor basketball court, with a takeoff then a...
  2. Dr. Looping Looie

    FTFC 21-Seaplane Design and Build by DR. Loopng Looie- Beriev Be 103

    Im going to enter this russian flying boat. I choose it because I once flew it in a simulator and immedeately fell in love with it. Its quite the intresting design, because its a low wing, something you usually dont see on flying boats. Its also general aviation, twin engine and amphibic, all...
  3. FoamyDM

    2021 SeaPlane Design & Build Challenge!

    FTFC21 - Flite Test Forum Community 2021 - Seaplane Design & Build Challenge Simple - Design & Build a Seaplane, and fly it off a waterbody! [Reserved for Challenge Logo] Summary: Participants will design and build an electric motor driven, radio-controlled mostly Foamboard Seaplane model...
  4. flyingkelpie

    Thinking of starting a junk plane challenge!

    I was just thinking about how FT did a recycling plane challenge. Would anyone want to take part in one? I'll post the rules once I have at least 10 people to participate.
  5. Jonny Gum

    XA (3D) with Foam Board Design Challenge

    This should be an interesting build off to see what is possible with foam board. Personally, I find 3d and XA to be very fun, but extremely expensive. Even a ~50" airframe can run you up to 200$- not including electronics. Wouldn't it be great if we could build our own airframes for less than...
  6. Thorondor

    Absolutely insane and cursed plane, may or may not fly...

    Here's the link to the post made on That should speak for itself. In case the post gets lost, here's the image.
  7. S

    Feedback Request! Failed Test flight.

    Hello! I have a team at school that competes in an aero design competition every year. This year our aircraft had some trouble as once it was off the ground it yawed hard and crashed. I would love any feedback as to why the plane reacted as it did. If you have any questions please let me know...
  8. W

    I challenge you! Fly a refrigerator box sideways

    Here's the deal: I witnessed a black 'fridge box (I believe!) fly sideways past my 20th story window, then over Chicago's crowded North Avenue Beach bar, Castaways, in 2014 (before disappearing over Lake Michigan). How hard would this have been to fake with a drone? Back up your opinion by...
  9. Zephyr1

    FTFC20 SPAD XIII designed by Zephyr1

    My entry into this challenge will be a Spad XIII. The initial plans call for a 30in wingspan, and that's what I am going to be doing initially. However I do plan on scaling it up to near a 40in wingspan in line with Ben's PT-17. I usually design a lot of EDFs, so it will be fun to do something...
  10. FoamyDM

    Help! FTFC19 - April Showers Challenge

    FTFC19 - April Showers Challenge Simple - Build a Waterproof Plane and Fly in the Rain! (or on a waterbody) OFFICIAL RULES: Make a Build log that contains the following: ( Plane name (10 pts) plans link (5 pts) statement of why you chose it (5 pts) stats (5 pts) build log - (40 pts)...
  11. JTarmstr

    FTFC19 Build-uary by Jtarmstr

    Ok, Lets get this going. My build skill: 3 Flite skillz: 1 This will be four aircraft plus one extra if I have the time. FT Mighty mini scout for @mayan's contest (I technically haven't finished it yet ;)). FTFC Jackal. Build thread. FTFC X-44. Build Thread. FT Mighty Mini Vector...
  12. Aero_Knight

    Knightmare Challenge: One Motor, 2+ Props

    The Challenge: Fly any aircraft frame or custom build one, using a single motor of any type, but powering 2 or more props NOT on the same axis (ie contra rotation, in-line, etc...). You can have multiple motors but each must power their own sets or props. Gearing, belt or other method is...
  13. F

    Challenge for the FT crew!!!

    I have an interesting and VERY unique challenge for the FT crew! It is something the I have attempted and very nearly successfully accomplished with my good friend. Without giving away too many details here, I would like to hear from a mod to see if there is interest and let you decide how to...
  14. T

    Reprise FTGGNEAL now that you own a real Golf Coarse

    Please reprise the Flight Test Glider Golf episode with some update for longer range drives with your new Golf Coarse. Maybe an FTV long rang lawn dart approach with other than gliders. You already have the holes set up.
  15. F

    Built challenge

    I have a suggestion for a building challenge where you have to build a free flight glider that is launched in the discus style and here is the trick you have to design a mechanical stabilization system that will keep the plane flying level ex. A weighted pendulum that moves the elevator to keep...
  16. ReinventingTheWing

    Jay Jay the jet plane for under $100

    Im sure some of you remember the poorly photo shopped slow flying plane, Im challenging elite test to built this plane with the small wings and twin engine and see if it actually takes flite!
  17. P

    Suggestions for Show / Build Models

    Here are some suggestions for new FT models / Show builds - C-130 Lets face it, who wouldn't want one of these in their collection. Any Canard type, couple of samples here - Better still... Make it a 'Swapable' (glider & powered) And this is just as much a 'challenge' to the guys as it is...
  18. T

    Name That Plane!

    Here's the game: Get 5-6 planes/quads/parachuts setup to fly with FPV gear. Have a couple FliteTest "experts" don FPV goggles. Hand them a tranitter and see if they can "Name that Plane" by flying it. Go through all the planes and see who gets the most.
  19. agentkbl

    FPV Challenge!

    Alright, i was watching one of your videos from four years ago, and i had an idea. have a competition on building an airplane (swappable or something) through a board cam. like blindfolded by wearing fatsharks, and only able to look at what you are doing via the board cam. then have the airplane...
  20. JGplanes

    To-Go transforming plane

    After constantly trying to cram my larger planes in the car without damaging them, building transforming objects with Legos, and seeing the folding wings on Peter's javelin video, I had this idea for one of your episodes to feature a fixed wing "backpack plane". Perhaps something fairly large...