Episode 175 - Ask and You shall receive!


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Episode 175 - Ask and You shall receive!
May 16, 2019
Episode 175 - Ask and You shall receive!

Join Andy, Steve and Kevin for a fun episode of Q&A! We posted on FB and FT forums crowd sourcing questions for us to answer. We'll give you an answer but who knows if it's a good one or not. Listen in and find out! Join us for another episode of FreeFallRC Podcast!

Thank You so much from the FFRC Podcast crew!

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The Q&A episode was fun! Hope you do another one of these later in the year.

Love the better audio quality on the Planker News segments - I'm happy with whatever you spent to make that happen :p

So when are we going to start talking about FliteFest? Since the other podcasts have faded pretty hard, it would be great to do an episode on "What to bring, what to expect, how to have the best time ever" at FliteFest Ohio - or any FliteFest event. I'm sure we could get Josh, Carl or me on as a guest to talk about what to expect on the flight line, and how to fly safe and have fun at a big event like this.

Also, I drove past Yoder's Country Market in Madison Virginia the other day - https://www.yoderscountrymarket.net/ - I'll get you guys some Yoder's Gooseberry Jam for FliteFest :p


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I'm doing pancakes again... for volunteers.
So bring it on. Your donation last year was well received.
I'm thinking of adding bacon bits to the batter, at least some of it. I think most people will enjoy that.



Wake up! Time to fly!
No fresh strawberries n blueberry topping this year. Wont be able to make it to FFO.

Someone else can pick up the ball n run with it tho.

Be sure pancake gurl gets a proper amount of pestering on my behalf 😁