Episode 6 - ESCs

Episode 6 - ESCs
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In this episode Matt and Joe cover what they’ve been busy with, mostly RC, and dive into Electronic Speed Controllers. They cover how to select an ESC, what all Beeps mean, and a basic understanding of ESC protocols.

Intro - 0:00:32
What we’re up to: 0:11:59
Build Table: 0:33:15
Comments & Corrections: 38:48
Topic - ESC Basics 0:41:03
Beeps - 0:54:00
Programming: 1:09:10
Protocols - 1:26:36
Hobby goals:1:39:10
Closing / Next Topic - 1:46.30

Show Resource Links:
Joshua Bardwell’s ESC protocol Video:
Painless 360s ESC Pimer:

Other Resources
Matt’s Viking S-3b Build:

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