EPO stronger than "steel"?


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I am convinced; here's why.

Coming in to land with my Durafly EPO Corsair, misjudged the proximity of some tall bushes next to the tarmac. Right wing caught the bushes and plane spun 360 degrees and skated a little ways almost cartwheeling. Broke one of the landing gear clean off. Wingtip was a little "scrunched" but otherwise plane is amazingly intact. Now is that EPO > steel or not!

On my MPLX Acromaster, crashed and repaired it numerous times. Noticed the EPO always just ended up a bit scrunched up but always break along old cracks repaired by "steel epoxy". Now somebody must give a trophy (an EPO one) to the person who invented EPO!!

Conclusion, manufacturers must make EPO landing gears - instead of repairs needing a complete set of LG with steel rods, just a dab of CA to EPO LG. 5 mins repairs compared to long wait for parts; how's that?:p


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EPO landing gears - :confused: , I would like to see this , We need Josh & Josh to look into this .


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Well, I'd hate to disagree, but when you say that it always breaks on old spots, I doubt it's the epoxy that breaks, I'd say it's the different materials don't adhere to each other too well To fix this problem you can insert toothpicks into the foam, linking the two parts together making a stronger bond.

About EPO landing gear, I'm sure a combination would work and look better - carbon or steel or fiberglass rods molded into the foam.