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  1. S

    New quad, no motors spinning after small crash.

    So I received my new Wizard X220s yesterday, and got the first sets of flights in today. Crashed a few times with no issues besides some mud that was cleaned off while batteries recharged. Unfortunately, after a very minor crash from a 2 foot hover, none of the motors spin now. Everything...
  2. sklutch

    Finally! The maiden flight/crash has occurred!

    I’ve had my TinyTrainer built now for over a year, but life, weather, and lack of flying space have all conspired to keep me grounded. Today, everything fell into line for my first flight. It was gloriously tragic. I was optimistic and only brought one bag of extra props b/c “the Joshes, Alex...
  3. Daniel Kezar

    CRASH!!!! Share Your Worst Feeling but Best Learning Experiences

    FomieDM came up with the idea. basically a place to share crashes just for fun or for people to learn from. also a good way to find weaknesses in certain designs if they tend to break in one place a lot.
  4. kpixels

    How To Crash A Homebuilt Multicopter

    Quadcopters And Tricopters Crash Compilation Crash compilation from several years of building and flying. Watch various quadcopters and tricopterst falling from the sky in crisis.
  5. Eldowr

    Back to RC, Again!

    Hello All, I've been following Flite Test on Youtube for over a year now. I finally broke down and ordered a Simple Scout and figured I should join the forums. My dad did his best to get me into RC from a young age. My first plane was a line control J-3 cub with a cox .049; I don't believe we...
  6. T

    Tips to find a lost plane in the woods needed

    I need help/tips on finding my lost rc plane in the woods. Was flying FPV and was circling around and lost feed, and never seen it again since last Friday. I took 2 days to look but need some more tips on how to find it (and its a black plane) I have a basic idea of there it is and will show...
  7. A

    Make a rc wing stronger

    Hello, I have recently started in the rc hobby and am in the process of making a wing. The only problem is that when I take the controls of anything that is supposed to go up, it crashes and breaks. Is there any way I could reinforce the wings to decrease the probability of it breaking in a...
  8. L

    New Guy with Tiny Trainer Flight Issues

    Good Day All, I have been interested in model aviation for over 40 years. As a kid I built models but could not afford the radios and servos so never flew anything I built. This past winter I purchase a Hobby Zone Champ and learned to fly it pretty well. I think decided to build the Tiny...
  9. X

    Cessna 180 fail maiden flight

    I failed because I had the balance point set wrong , I fixed it since and this build is awesome. For a good laugh at a noob Here's the link -->> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufuWktwBzIc&feature=youtu.be
  10. S

    Second attempt into this hobby

    Hello all! I've always wanted to fly an RC Plane since forever. Being a person who loves making stuff, I was inspired by this video(It flies so beautifully).So after searching and reading forums and build guides on the internet for months, I've scratch built a similar model: It looked great...
  11. S

    First tree incident

    So was out flying in some strong winds today with the versa wing. Was all good until I decided to dive the trees and didn't pull up in time haha. I think it was a combination of wind gust and not seeing the very top of the tree on my tiny 5" screen. Hence climbing the tree to recover it. Videos...
  12. K

    Odd crash, please help.

    I was flying my quad today at a local park. I just finished 3 batteries and was starting on the fourth. Took off and entered the first turn, then lost control. The quad started doing a left roll as if i lost both left hand motors. I cut power and disabled the quad as soon as I could. then it...
  13. DrDan

    Versa Wing HELP!

    OK, I've built THREE versa wings, following the build to the "T". Two PUSHERS and one PULLER. I would say that they flew horrible but they never even got that far in the air! Most of the tie they fly up at about a 45 degree angle FLIP over rapidly and NOSEDIVE in to the ground (the HARD Arizona...
  14. Snarls

    Having Problems Writing An Article

    I am having problems trying to write up an article and am wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same. Everything was running smooth then my browser crashed. I restart it and the article editor says it has unsaved work it can recover. Great, but it comes up with the entire text box up...
  15. K

    FT snowball rolls hard right and dives, HELP

    I converted a speed build kit FT Nutball , into a snowball with the conversion kit. I am using the B Power pack as recommended. The CG balanced, slightly nose heavy. On it's maiden, it scooted across the snow and took off only to roll hard right and dive into the ground several attempts. Can...
  16. nhk750

    HELP!!! My Storch is not lost...

    Well, I know where it is, but unfortunately, I can not reach it... As you can see, the Storch is towards the top of the tree, how it got there? Well, I looked down at my Tx for one second and smash!!!! Went right into the tree... I tried climbing the tree, but could only get this...
  17. tmack

    Pilot Error Rubber Band Strength

    I have had my share of busted props, bent landing gear, lost a horizontal stabilizer, but never a major wipe out. The fuselage stick on the Slow V was very weak and I had to replace that a couple times, but for my regular planes we were pretty uneventful in terms of crashing until recently...
  18. E

    So this Happened Yesterday - Mid Flite Nose Blender

    Memorial Day, free afternoon, beautiful weather, and a box full of charged batteries. This is going to be great! I pull into a vertical and make it about two hundred feet up, and I hear a WHOMP! One of my wheels on my landing gear goes flying off, and my motor and prop appear to be dangling...
  19. L

    Hello Flite Test Forum

    Hello Flite Test forum.
  20. Electric Mike

    Horizontal stabilizer falls of in 3d flight - Parkzone Sukhoi 29mm

    Hey Everyone, here is my story and question: I have about 30 flights on my Parkzone Su29mm, and I am now rather consistent at smooth flights. It is actually rather simple to land, and I am just starting to explore some advanced 3D maneuvers. Very fun plane and looks great. Unfortunately last...