1. N

    5" FPV Drone keeps falling out of the sky

    Hey guys, So, I had a crash a couple of months ago and broke one of my arms. Now, I've waited for two months to finally get the replacement arm and fixed it. But now, when I tried to test fly it, the quad keeps falling out of the sky for no reason. The distance is always different, sometimes...
  2. Belial2801

    Help! Recommendations for the first flight

    Hi sorry if my english is bad. Yesterday I flew my plane for the first time (ft simple cub) and I had some problems, the first is that when taking off from the ground you can see that it is going directly to the left (I took off from further back but I lost that recording), in the following...
  3. Minton

    First Scratch Build

    About a month and a half ago I ordered the FT Trainer kit along with everything else I needed to get started with RC aircraft. I had such a blast with it that I decided to try and design and build my very own plane. I'm new to flying planes but had previously modeled an RC plane for my school's...
  4. It’s not as bad as it looks

    It’s not as bad as it looks

    The TinyLED’s battery straps are so strong that on impact my battery was ripped out of its plastic covering. It still works, just a little puffed.
  5. P

    Lost control and crashed...

    Had a crash the other day and I'm not sure what the deal is. Plane suddenly lost all control & power near the ground and impacted. There's also an engine noise that I've noticed as well. Here are some videos of the incidents: In this video I thought it would be funny to strafe my friend while...
  6. A good day at the field

    A good day at the field

    On takeoff I went right through a large puddle right before I got off the ground. It turns out that water and electronics don't mix since right after the first turn I lost all control and that was that. It's actually fixable though :D
  7. f9f Stall

    f9f Stall

    As Captain Blocker and I were getting Pics of my Panther, I made a fatal error in judging my airspeed and stalled it right into Captain Blocker! Good thing it didn't hit either of us and, if it did, it was going so slow that there wouldn't have been any damage to either the plane or us.
  8. GiantAntCowboy

    Oops, crashed into the ocean! (a fjord technically...)

    Got a little crazy last week and crashed into a Norwegian fjord! Fortunately I was testing a new GoPro at the time and ended up with some nice footage! “DHC Turbo Beaver Saltwater Crash and Rescue” Need to build an RC rescue boat I think 🤔 thoughts?
  9. FlyingDebris

    Finally Got my Legacy out! Only snapped fuselage in half!!

    Well after all the set backs finally got the bird up in the air. Don't forget to subscribe!
  10. FrankFly

    Lesson and reminder

    Was having a great day flying my modified Simple Scout. This is my heaviest plane being slightly enlarged from the FT plans, the one I've had most difficulty learning to land smoothly. Almost no wind and practicing landings. On my third battery and feeling really good, having made several...
  11. FlyingDebris

    FT Mig 3 Maiden/ only one crash

    I finally got around to editing a video of the mig 3. This is a mig from 2017 so I am happy to finally have finshed it. I hope you all are staying safe and if your able to get out flying. Tell me what you like and dislike about the video. Catch ya in the next one.
  12. dposthuma

    Crashed on Take-Off...twice!

    I admit it, I am a novice. But I am experienced in building many mechanical and electrical things throughout my years. So, I decided to build the FliteTest Corsair. Build seemed to go fine. But I am experiencing a serious problem on take-off. On my first take-off attempt, the plane got three...
  13. fluffpilot

    Newbie, because everyone at the field said POST THAT TO FLITE TEST so here I am

    Hi! I was out of the hobby for like 24 years, but I'm a youtube junkie and routinely fall down aircraft related YT holes and wound up looking up a local club and getting back into it after spending two weeks watching videos and re-acquainting myself with how it's done. Anyway hi! I'm getting...
  14. StevenWinnen25

    Help! HELP!!! Turnigy 9x Connection problems

    Hi, I’ve been trying to fly my ft sparrow and new ft mini mustang yesterday and today but I’m having trouble with the connection. I’m using the same receiver for each plane, I’m just swapping it between the two. The receiver is the 8ch one that comes with my Turnigy 9x. With the sparrow I would...
  15. Romf

    First "Flight" and first Crash

    Hello, I am Robert from Germany and I am just starting in the Hobby. Today I finished the build of the Tiny Trainer with the polyhedral wings and a Power Pack A (german version from Graupner) and an 3s 850mAh battery. After completing the electronic setup I checked the Center of Gravity and...
  16. T

    Little problem with the Ft Long ez

    I'm not a very experienced RC pilot but I can keep a plane in the air. I have my flown the Ft bloody baron for a couple of month, and I didn't really have any problem with it. But I recently build a Ft Long ez and tried to fly it for the first time today, it went inverted the second I launched...
  17. S

    New quad, no motors spinning after small crash.

    So I received my new Wizard X220s yesterday, and got the first sets of flights in today. Crashed a few times with no issues besides some mud that was cleaned off while batteries recharged. Unfortunately, after a very minor crash from a 2 foot hover, none of the motors spin now. Everything...
  18. sklutch

    Finally! The maiden flight/crash has occurred!

    I’ve had my TinyTrainer built now for over a year, but life, weather, and lack of flying space have all conspired to keep me grounded. Today, everything fell into line for my first flight. It was gloriously tragic. I was optimistic and only brought one bag of extra props b/c “the Joshes, Alex...
  19. Daniel Kezar

    CRASH!!!! Share Your Worst Feeling but Best Learning Experiences

    FomieDM came up with the idea. basically a place to share crashes just for fun or for people to learn from. also a good way to find weaknesses in certain designs if they tend to break in one place a lot.
  20. kpixels

    How To Crash A Homebuilt Multicopter

    Quadcopters And Tricopters Crash Compilation Crash compilation from several years of building and flying. Watch various quadcopters and tricopterst falling from the sky in crisis.