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Help! Explorer 4 channel wing, on a Simple Cub ???

Has anyone ever put the Explorer 4 channel wing on a Simple Cub fuselage???
Explorer Cub
weight: 253 grams 204 grams
length: 56" 37 1/2"
Yes, it was great. I is slower than the Simple Cub. I built 2 Simple Cubs. One it put 5, 30" strands of lights and fly it at night. The 2nd one i have been using as a test bed. I tried adding 7 inches to the length of the wing, but it did not change much. The Explorer 4 channel wings made a big difference. It glides forever. As good as most gliders I have seen. It is very slow and easy to control. I cut the power 3 times from my normal flying heigth and it made it all the way around the field. Very impressed with it.