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Help! Explorer rate/expo


Master member
Depends on what you are comfortable with. I fly the explorer with maxed out throws and 30% expo. I train people on the explorer with 50% rates and 30% expo. As a default for sport planes I setup 3 rates, 50%, 75%, and 100% all with 30% expo. Then depending on the plane I will make changes, for example I may set a rate of 40% with 70% expo on a speed plane for those high speed passes 2" off the ground. It is good to have options mid flight.
Thanks... I have been using 70/30 on low rate and 100/30 on high rate. I am going to turn it to turn it down a bit today for my first 4 channel try. Going to try the Simple Cub 4 channel this evening. Just finishing up a SuperFly now. It will be interesting to see how the delta wing flies. I am a private pilot that built a composite canard "Dragonfly" back it the 80's. Took 10 years and >3000 hours to build from scratch. I am finding flying RC's harder than flying the real thing. It has been fun. Especially the scratch building part. I intend on building an RC Dragonfly after I feel good about flying.