Extremely strange problems with my new Quad


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In that video where you operate the yaw. That should be a nice smooth sinusoidal waveform. There is definite clipping going on where the peaks of the wave are cut off flat until you drop below a certain level where it begins to follow the sticks again. I am guessing that is where it takes off on you in flight.

Once again I am not familiar with Beta flight I have only run clean flight before and never messed with filters. In my Kiss set up they are turned totally off as from what I gather they are to smooth out a noisy system and are only used AFTER a problem is found and needs hiding to clean up the signal.

At this point if no one here has a specific answer I would send an email to the programmer thru their support and link that video along with screenies of your pids and your filters settings.
It´s flat on top because I took a small pause before operating the yaw stick back. Betaflight is almost identical to cleanflight. I´ve used them both :)


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One thing I notice in your PIDs is that YAW_P has been reduced from the stock 7.0. Yaw P in BetaFlight is yaw jump prevention. You have lowered that. I would back up your settings, reset to default, and start fresh with the stock BetaFlight settings.

From CLI, do a "diff" and post the results. This will show which parameters are not "default" BetaFlight settings

Yes I tried lowering YAW P from 70 to 40 but that didn't make a difference. I´ve just read about yaw_jump_prevention and you can type in a value in cleanflights YAW D.

Check this video at 3:20 if you are interested, he talks about yaw jumps and how to fix it.

I think I might figure this out now :)