EZ Ugly Stick & Ultra Stick Chuck Glider

EZ Ugly Stick & Ultra Stick Chuck Glider V1.1

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I made the ultra stick with my family today, put two quarters as far forward in the nose of the center section, but still seams tail heavy. Especially when it’s chucked. How far back from the leading edge should the CG be?


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Right about 1/2 inch to 3/4 an inch.
I ended up having to use 4 quarters and a nickel for the the ultra stick to balance correctly. Its a really strange pattern where I always have to add a lot more weight to balance than the instructions. it flew pretty well until it hit the shed dead on the nose and sheered the right wing off at the root. Definitely fun, and cant wait to build more.


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I cut out four of these on my needle cutter to build with our boys’ Chinese class tomorrow morning. They fly great and assemble easily. Great design, thanks!