Help! F450 Clone and APM wiringquestions


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Good evening guys,

I am building my first Quad right now (as I write this text), conquering the last frontier (which are quads) after successfully flying and build trucks, Boats and Airplanes for 6years.
But quads are quite challeging for me with all the possibilities, I rode everything about wiring the APM but I still need your confirmation.
Would you mind tell if my wiring is right (or maybe even wrong) according to the provided pictures ?
Output to all ESCs, powerwires are clipped except for one (JP1 removed)

Again all powerwires except for one are clipped


I am not sure about wiring for the GPS and Baro.



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Depending on your esc's you may need to run the grounds again for things like pass thru flashing or noise elimination.

If you pre flash them to current firmware and they all work to your satisfaction you wont need to update again unless you want new features or just keep up on the tech.

Be aware the flamewheel frame may be prone to resonant vibrations so plan on good isolation for your filming camera and gimbal.


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For the grounds; How do I figure out what type of ESCs I have and if I have to run the grounds as well.
I purchased this package on Ebay.

The frame is just for introduction into Quads! I am already looking for a better frame like TBS Disco or Cinetank(ish).
What are your Framerecommendations ? (10inch(ish) Propellersize)

Btw: User In a german Forum mentioned that the APM is not reliable because the VRMs (3,3Volt) are too weak, are prone to blow and cause a crash.


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Alright, its time to revisit this project after a few month.
why do you have one of the gps cables mounted into the I2C, never seen that before, does it work that way?
I put it under the GPS port like you said.

Missionplanner, GPS Fix , ESC Calibration is all good but it wont arm. see pictures.


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