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Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
If you velcro mount your video RX, you can move it to the edge and stick antenna clear of the box, or what FM did (I won't steal his thunder)

. . . but I agree w/ FM's article. Silver shiny box just screams "steal me". Stickered/beat-up Cooler suggests cola and bologna sandwiches -- not as tempting.
They take paypal there? I've found dropping off 25 bucks a pay period in paypal will add up to some serious bank real quick. This is just two 100 buck purchases or 4 months of, usually, painless deposits.

Think I'll make my first drop Friday.


Rotor Riot!
Yeah, it looks like a lot to save up, and so little to spend it. But I got the gear now at least. Time to buy some clothes this time.


Rotor Riot!
Well, the FPV gear is in now :D

Everything as promised, a complete very functional system. I get perfect signal around several walls at home. I'm testing with a cheapo 27MHz RC car, I lose control signal but video link is solid - with stock antennas. Just like I wanted!

I'll post some pictures later today.