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finding the right plane

okay, so i am completely new to the air field or RC building, actually any hobby grade RC type. i used to buy and ended up collecting many store grade RC's and would then cannibalize them into one great RC, it was a pain. then when i was about 6 or 7 my dad took me to the local air club and i have been wanting to get into the flying rc hobby ever sense. so, here is my question to you all, i am looking for a RTF RC plane that can fly in Wyoming, i had a friend who has tried flying and we have found that the high altitude in Wyoming is so different from sea level (10000 to be exact) that it will make flying some planes impossible. so i have a budget of $300, that is my dead max, i am aiming at $100 to $150, can anyone help me? cause i only have one shot at this and it has to be powerful enough to fly at this high of an altitude.
also the reason i am looking for a RTF is because i am not brave enough to build a plane with my own dreams for this hobby and watch it crash burn. i plan to build one after i am better klnowing at this and have some parts i can cannibalize, a good tip if you want to keep your plane parts after crashing, dont leave them with me.
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Welcome to the Forum and to the R/C Hobby.

With us you will have a safe start, many will direct you to the HK Bixler plane or the Horizon Cub.

When I started i chose the Bixler and till today its one of my favourites planes !


check with the other users for upgrades - better propellers, batteries, radios and chargers (its late and i need to go to sleep)

ill be back to you later !! start investigating for those upgrades i mentioned !
thanks guys for the welcome, um, i have looked at these and am very happy with what they advertise. something i guess i am really am just wondering is if there is anyone who lives at these altitudes and has a plane they would or have picked. also i cant buy one right now :( have to wait till after Christmas. well thanks flight test for your amazing videos and thanks hobbyists for any and all help you give me. have also looked at the sky hawk. now that i think about it i wounder if flite test will do basic plane reviews? also i am looking at four channel planes. thanks guys again
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Wow, 10000 feet is a long way up. You would be wanting high lift planes with high kv motors pushing as much air through as possible. The Bixler mentioned above should be fine with the altitude, as it has a very high lift wing, low wing loading and a high kv pusher setup. I'd recommend getting a 6x5 prop to replace the stock prop to get more bite out of the air.
I agree with the Bixler suggestion.
Any slow flier or powered glider should have no issues. If you like vintagy type stuff, I'd recommend the Hobbyking Pioneer.
Huge highlight wings but a very powerful motor swinging a giant prop. I would not forsee any issue with this one also.

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Hey aspen,
I live in Colorado, and have flown an Rc plane at Trail Ridge road's summit, AKA +13,000 ft. What you need is a plane like the AXN floater jet. It will fly well at 9,000 ft., but that is as high as i have flown it.
A 7X3 or 6X6 prop, and a 40 amp esc. It will fly fine, but very fast with the stock prop and esc, but this will give back the performance.
I know it isn't RTF but these parts will not fail you.
if you want a little extra power for your altitude:
I hope this helps, I hate it when these sea level people tell us that sailplanes fly slow:D
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ha ha, i found a high altitude person. this helps a lot to find someone with personal experience, well, i have never flown in any way shape or form so i was kind of hoping for a slow sailplane... but i do need the extra power later. GRRR, when you say fast, do you mean, you are brand new to the hobby and it seams like a fast plane or that its really a fast plane? SO MANY DECISIONS!!! and thanks guys so far with all the help Ive gotten. also i dont know if this could help in this hobby a lot or not but i have a 3D printer :D its great fun.
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Hey aspen,
This plane will give you no grief, it is a slow sail plane. It is a TRAINER Easy to fly!!:D Don't worry.
I have only been flying for about a year and a half, but I am a mad scratch builder so I ended up Knowing a lot:p!
Everything flies a lot faster at altitude, but it is also less touchy, making it easier to control.
Besides it will run cooler, and over heat less easily when it is cold out. Don't worry, get the plane and keep us posted, we are all glad to help. It is a really good trainer!!!
You won't regret it.
Foam Addict.
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