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Firefighter Plane (Fly a plane with a fire extinguisher on it and put out a fire)

Hello there, my challenge is for you to build a plane capable of flying and carrying a fully loaded fully functional fire extinguisher of some sort (loophole alert! :D) and operating it. Then, if you want, create a controlled bonfire, then, fly the plane and activate the fire extinguisher (pointed at the fire) and put out the fire! You can also use something that dumps water, but a nozzle of a fire extinguisher shooting CO2 or whatever is in there would be cooler than a moving waterfall.

Please make a video or take a ton of good pictures if you will attempt this challenge! :cool:


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Water is about 8 lbs per gallon. A typical water fire extinguisher holds 2.5 gallons, or 20 lbs of payload. By my understanding, this is the upper end of what most multirotors can lift. Meanwhile, a "household" sized ABC chemical fire extinguisher weighs about 7 lbs. I don't think water-based is even on the table, in other words.


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Sometching like baking soda might work.
I was thinking the same. Then the scale of the plane or multi-rotor would be more manageable. The key would be an operational bombay.

Even with a mini fire-extinguisher, I'm not sure we could find a servo capable of activating it. I could be wrong though. I was wrong once. :rolleyes:
Challenge poster response

I don't think a traditional fire extinguisher would be the solution, not even the full scale planes use stuff like that.
Well, mini fire-extinguishers do exist, I think this is perfectly doable, you can carry a limited amount of water or some extinguisher and fly your plane/multirotor to get more of it somehow.

OR you could always use something else, like baking soda as some others here have suggested.

I just think the main problem is the cost of such a thing to lift or carry a fire extinguisher and operate it in flight. Also, when used, something like/or a fire extinguisher may push back on the aircraft when in use, slowing the plane down or causing some sort of tilting motion. But I would love to see someone do this still. :D

I personally think large-giant scale planes would work perfectly with a small/tiny extinguisher. Multirotors? Uh, well, you'll need a lighter extinguisher.

Just remember this is a challenge, right guys?