First combat victory!


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I went flying with a buddy of mine today. Among the many planes I brought was my mighty mini arrow flying wing.

He was flying an FT F-22 so the planes were pretty evenly matched for speed and agility. Neither of us had flown combat before.

After chasing him for about 4 minutes I was about to give up, but at the last second I got him!

My arrow just clipped his tail and jammed his right elevon full up. His plane went into a spin and crashed on the nose. Some foam crinkled, but no damage to the electronics at all. My arrow was completely unharmed and I managed to return it for a safe landing. Now I know why it's called a mighty mini!

Anyone else have some cool combat stories? I had a blast, easily the most fun I've had flying in a long time. I'm hooked on combat now lol.


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i have done combat several times and have both won and been taken out. nothing funner. my best was i took out a motionRC guy at the AZ Electric fest last year. straight up, no streamers, came in low, then vertical through the swarm, and just demolished his slow stick. his plane was totaled, my wing was flying again in minutes.

until you try you really have no idea how hard it is to hit something in the air with your plane. add in the distraction of multiple planes all doing the same and it's not as easy as you thing. streamers are one thing but actually "taking out a plane" is a whole 'nother game.

we should all do more combat, i'm all in favor!

me :cool: