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First hobbyking plane


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So, I purchased my first hobbyking plane. I got the super kinetic 815. Found it on a thrift store website and the auction ended for $45. Comes with 3 3c 850 mAh zippy batteries. I mean, if those are usable, they're worth about at least half that I think. Looks brand new, never flown. I've got a spare Flysky i6 receiver that's ready to go in, if it'll fit. From YouTube videos I've seen, it looks pretty snazzy. Might start off with my 2 cell 500 mah or 800 mah in it to go slow, get a feel for it. It's a 4 channel so I'm a little worried. Haven't successfully flown one of them yet. Anybody have any experience with this plane?


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Just got my HK SK 815 in the mail. This thing is brand spanking new. Still had the unused Velcro in the receiver storage area. I'm betting someone got it as a present, didn't know it wasn't RTF and so they didn't have the RX/TX and battery charger stuff, so it just sat and instead of buying the stuff needed to complete it, until they donated it to the Goodwill and now I own it :). Windy app says I'll have 3.6 mph winds tomorrow around 4 pm. Sounds like a great time to maiden this puppy :)


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I have had 2 of those super kinetics. They are fun and if your new, kinda fast. I use a 3S-850 and it balances perfect. It also does a great job of just gliding. it is typical HK quality so make sure the servos work and watch the tail, it will break off in extreme maneuvers.


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I'm not trying to be a downer but I got this plane about 4 years ago before I really knew how to fly and didn't have any success. My best advice is to make sure cg is on and throw her hard into the wind with 50-70% power and some up elevator. I have never set up dual rates or expo. Maybe that is why it took me so long to learn to fly.