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First Plane, which of these?


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@BATTLEAXE Hard for me to imagine you using a controller after watching excellent flying on your UToob videos. Not having an option for buddy box help gives me thought to using the helper electronics. Maybe just a gyro, I’m not too savvy about that miniature electronic stuff but I did work on full scale all my life as an aircraft electronics tech so I understand the radio, autopilot, flight director, gyro & electronic compass science & such. Quite sure the miniature flight controllers are as simple to install & operated as all the other RC gear, doesn’t seem to be rocket surgery at the hobby level. My initial sense of purity in the hobby was to learn to fly without outside assistance & so far that’s turned out to be in 20 second segments without a buddy box. The flight controller option might help my flight skill improvement if I don’t use it as a full time crutch. Electronics will not necessarily teach a person to fly RC, but electronics might enhance the learning & maybe make the learning experience more fun. Thanks for posting this option, I see it as a tool more than a crutch. Might give it a try.
Yea I wasn't to big on it before like you said it is more of a purist way to learn. But watching what others are using them for it definitely has its benefits to pilots of any skill level. I would only use it in certain planes and it has safety features like RTH, so for wings with camera mounts or carrying other expensive gear it has its attributes. For a beginner pilot it definitely would increase user ability and enjoyment with stuff like auto launch. It could open up different possibilities for you in the hobby, who knows