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Flashback 2012


Staff member

Josh and Josh take some time to remember some past episodes as they 'try' to clean up the Flite Test workshop to make room for some new RC flyers!

Which past episodes do you remember or like the most?
Let us know in the comments below!

Here is a list of the episodes mentioned:Episodes mentioned:

Glass Breaking Project

100MPH Challenge

Funbat Review

Avatar Gunship - Project

DIY 2.4Ghz Radio Upgrade (FR Sky Module - Gumby)

Articulating Fuselage (Gumby)

F-22 Raptor - Review

Rare Bear - Review

August 2012 Update (swag)

Frankenplane - Project

Cow - Review

A Special Video For The Wives (Shooting the Cessna)

Angry Swordsman - Tip

Cool Ghoul - Project

FPV Guided Bomb Drop - Challenge

F-18 Blue Angels - Review

Tech One Angel - Review

F4F Wildcat - Review


Rotor Riot!
Hey guys, I spotted the RadJet, and being so cheap I wondered how hard/easy it is to fly? Does it compare to an EPP wing like the Bonsai? I have flown that with a 70% success rate. Is the bigger RadJet right for me?


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
I was a little nervous that a "jump the shark" episode had been aired, since the "flashback" shows can be a bit cliche, and often cheesy. But you guys pulled it off great!

Loved this one. It would make a great episode to share with people who I was trying to get interested in the show.


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
The glow drink was amusing. Especially since I know a few people who mix up an adult beverage that looks a lot like glow fuel, and they refer to it as "Cool Power" (which is a brand of glow fuel in the region.)