Flite Fest 2022, Videos, Pictures and Chat!

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Flite Fest 2022 is almost here,(starts tomorrow) and it sounds like it's going to be a really Awesome event!
Last year's FF was awesome too, but Flite Fest 2022 definitely sounds still a little more awesome!

Very likely more people from overseas will be able to come to FF this year because of less travel restrictions, and there's going to be the Dawn Patrol, where guys are going to be flying BIG FB planes, Peter Sripol will likely be their and hold another fun group build,
@Mid7night(Ben Harbor) will be their this year and participate in the dawn patrol
and @Splinter189(John Overstreet) will likely be their with some of his awesome MS planes!
And to my knowledge there will be an extra build tent at FF this year.

Sadly I won't be able to make it to Flite Fest this year.:(
To everyone who's going, have a great time, and feel free to post videos, pictures and also you could chat about Flite Fest on this thread!
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7pm combat from my spot


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Peter Sripol's 30-foot span group build






Had a great takeoff and landing - and just barely recovered from a falling-leaf maneuver somewhere in the middle
20220625_170359.jpg 20220625_170401.jpg 20220625_170405.jpg 20220625_170407.jpg 20220625_170409.jpg 20220625_170412.jpg 20220625_170416.jpg 20220625_170423.jpg

It looked like everything was happening in slow-motion: likely a consequence of large scale and low wing loading. Looking forwards to combat with it at 7!


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My first Flite Fest is in the books. Had a wonderful time. Everyone was helpful and generous with building supplies and time.

I was impressed with how approachable Josh and the Flite Test crew were.

My highlight was Saturday. Had a 9 year old young man join the build table I was at. It was his first time and was building a Tiny Trainer. His first build. His family brought him as a birthday gift. I was able to help build and many many others helped to. Was also able to arrange for him to meet Josh and Josh was able to maiden his trainer and buddy box with him.
He (with tiny trainer)and one of his sisters (with an EZ-Pak plane) was able to participate in their first Flite Fest combat at the 7pm main event

Seeing his huge smile when he met and then buddy box with Josh was the best

Thank you Flite Test crew, the volunteers and all the attendees, you made an most enjoyable experience