Flite Fest 2022 !!!!


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Flite Fest 2022 was the best one yet there were plenty of cool and big planes. I was in the tent Peter Sripol was in and boy was his plane MASSIVE!!! I took a couple pictures and videos which you can see on my you tube channel OhioRC. There were other big planes too like a 555% ft cub made of balsa and foam that was crazy. there was a couple more big planes too like Jason Mcquistons giant biplanes and all their great planes. volunteering was great too I was a volunteer for 3 days and it was amazing I got to help people and got to make some friends and at the end i got a free kit like what better way to end FF. I also loved how nice people and being able to see friends from 2021. I really liked the ww1 and ww2 plane gaggles they did that was fun. i really enjoyed FF 2022 and cant wait to see everyone next year at FF 2023!!