Flite Fest 2024: Scout-tacular


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2024 is year ten of Flite Fest and the Scout is the most quintessential of Flite Test planes, so I was thinking of what an incredible experience and spectacular sight it would be to have a massive Scout fly at Flite Fest 2024.

Since it's still early, details are still to come but I wanted to give advanced notice -- if you're thinking of attending 10th Anniversary Flite Fest 2024, get a Scout ready. If all goes well, we could possibly see hundreds in the air at once, so make it unique, slap a gopro on it, practice your acrobatics, and don't get too attached.

How many do you suppose we could get airborne at one time?


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We did that at spadfest 2010, I think that was the right year,

We had about 40 DPS, (stick) type planes in the air,
We flew in the same pattern, just a big loop. It was very cool.

I bet you could get upwards of 100 in the air at once


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