FliteFest Big Project?!


Hello everyone!

I'm Jean-Maxime and I'm going to FliteFest East 2017, my first FliteFest!!

Like everyone I'm very excited to get there but I can't keep myself from looking at all the videos about the past events that make me dream about all of it...!!!!!

One part I realy like is all the huge and/or beautiful builts that people do fly there!!!! So I started my own very distinctive built to make myself (I hope)part of those incredible builts!....

It start simple: A heavily modified FT Explorer 3channel wing doubled to be a bi-plane with all the renforcement ''precisely'' place to built a very good looking 1/12 scale WWII aircraft...!
2017-05-13 14.56.50.jpg

2017-05-13 15.06.10.jpg

2017-05-13 15.23.30.jpg

2017-05-13 15.58.57.jpg

After that I did go with some part of the tail!

2017-05-13 16.31.04.jpg

2017-05-13 16.30.58.jpg

2017-05-13 16.21.12.jpg

Can you guess what aircraft this is???!

What special project you guys made for FliteFest?!


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Sorry BTW for the random attached thumbnail I had to make few test to down size the photos and I notr to sure how to remove it...


Looking good!

I'd like to do a big project, but dont have the room to haul it there, and would rather have a variety of small builds and be able to fly more there vs. working on one project all event.

I do have two aircraft I will be making there that are quite like nothing nobody has ever seen before though.
One will leave you scratching your head, and the other you wont be able to see without smiling.
I'll keep them a surprise :rolleyes:


So to make things in perspective I come from a other kind of hobby and I have been actualy flying only for the last year and a half...! Before so now I got to do crazy things in the air and on the ground....!!


HO yeah, I do make 1/6 scale RC tanks that shoots paintballs...

When I had the ''bad luck'' to stumble across one of the FliteTest video I got hook rigth on..!! I was pretty sure that after making tanks with 1000+ moving parts I would be done of flying Rc plane after a month....! But after 50+ foam airplane (under my girlfriend witness sadly for her...) I still don't get in the air enougth....!

So in regard of FliteFest I decided to joint my two hobby in a impressive historical reenactment of the A-40 fling tank!!!

2017-06-17 15.44.15.jpg

2017-06-17 18.05.37.jpg

2017-06-17 18.05.48.jpg

It's 48 inch width and pretty heavy already and I'm not finished with it..! For a glider!! Just like the real one!

I just need to find something to tow that beast in the air but that should be easy enougth... Rigth???!