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Flitetest DIY Gremlins

Ihichi Bolls

Well-known member
We have Tiny Whoop races and what we have found for the longer straighter courses the brushless is a tad better but tight turning courses the brushless shine.
Change the rates. I run under 50dps on pitch n roll but over 800 on yaw with some feed forward I am learning and testing with. The key is ZERO expo and super low super rates.. like under 20 low or even linear with zero super rate if you haz da skillz.


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Loosing daylight fast. Time to work on my gremlins and make sure they are up for indoor season. One gremlin has all "gremlin" parts, the others are WIP with DYS motors and alternate electronics. AIO cameras are off the wing fleet, so I can put them back on the gremlins. :-D Working on a 3D printed tricopter Gremlin too.