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FliteTest Kits in the UK-Poll

Do you want FT Speed-Build-Kit's in the UK?

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GiantSharkRC is the leading supplier of radio-controlled projects in the UK, so it would be great to get them to supply the kits, as this would be a way for them to sell the kits, power trains, and TX/RX sets. They would have much more traffic, and us in the UK would be able to to purchase them much more cheaply. What do you guys think?


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Now that Flite Test has some sort of deal with a Canadian hobby store, it sets the framework for hobby stores in other countries to step up.

I may be mistaken (it's happened once), but I'm guessing that the kits are being manufactured by the Canadian store to avoid added shipping cost and customs. So whatever hobby stores in other countries that want to sell FT kits will have to have the equipment (laser cutter, etc.) and will have to be able to order Dollar Tree Foam Board (or a reasonable facsimile) from which to manufacture the kits.

I'm sure that Flite Test would be happy to license the manufacturing of kits in whatever country has a hobby store that would want to participate. So your best bet would be to present the idea to GreatSharkRC or (insert hobby store in your country) and make them aware of the interest in Flite Test Speed Build Kits.