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Flying quad attacked by bees?

Curious if anyone else has run into this. Flying in a field - once I got above 30-40 feet, the quad was attacked by a swarm of (apparently suicidal) honeybees. This happened several times over the course of a couple batteries. Always out in the middle of the field, not near a tree or obvious hive.

I combined the various attacks into one short video. Blade 200qx, Mobius Action cam.

No damage aside from a lot of bee-gunk from the ones the blades got. But I'd rather not become known as the guy responsible for killing bee-hives in Chicagoland.

Is this a known thing? A frequency the quad gives off? Tips on repelling/avoiding the situation?


Rogue Drone Pilot
Just a theory but you may have gotten close to the hive once and when a few bees started attacking they release a pheromone that tells the other bees to attack. When you get too close to the hive the scent is still on the quad so bees will start attacking it again.

Again...just a theory.


Senior Member
we have had a few attack of killer bees this summer... one guy is in the hospital in bad condition.. be very afraid :D