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FlytPOD Flight Computer available for pre-order

FlytPOD is an advanced flight computer running its own operating system FlytOS.

Powerful enough to run complex algorithms.
With Wifi and 4G cababilties you can connect your drones directly to Cloud.
Integrate any of your payloads on the I/O panel.
And with FlytOS Open APIs and SDK anyone can develop onboard or web/mobile apps for drones and even test them in especially designed simulator hassle-free before deploying it on a real drone.
With FlytPOD any one can get into commercial drone application business.

Learn more FlytPOD and Preorder it today : https://igg.me/at/flytpod/x/14288731

Learn more at flytbase.com




Wake up! Time to fly!
Wifi + Rc flight =BAD

I wont even go into linking to the cloud.. Think how bad MS screwed up win 10. Besides I wouldn't risk my stuff getting hacked nor would I desire to have to load antivirus / anti spyware onto it just to go have fun. I would not intentionally put anything in a cloud. Its just a bad idea all around.