1. BS projects inc.

    Help! Long range fpv arduplane platform questions

    For the last few months I have been cruising around with my Zohd Nano talon with an fpv setup that got me half a mile away. Over the weekend however, the plane and fpv setup stopped working, after it was run over by a plow. The esc burnt out (I was using the recommended voltage) and it glided...
  2. AeroEngineer20

    1:21 Scale Boeing B-29 Foam Board Build

    Hello all! A while ago, I built a 44" B-29 using Emax 1806 motors with 5x4 props on it. I was a more inexperienced builder and pilot at the time, so I didn't design the spar to be sturdy enough for its speed and wing loading. However, I crashed due to losing orientation long before the spar...
  3. C

    Using Arduino as an autopilot

    Hi every one, I’m working on an octocopter that I would like to be auto-piloted. To do that, I’m considering to use my Arduino Mega 2560 to generate PWM signals to «*mimic*» a receiver. I’m using a SP Racing F3 and cleanflight. So more precisely, instead of using a RC command, I want the...
  4. Z

    New here and... nice flying wing?

    Hi, like you can see i'm new to the forums. It isn't the first time i fly planes but i'm asking for advice. Does anybody know some plans (hot wire) or at least wing profile for making a good slow fpv fliying wing (load: apm, fpv, telemtry, small camera...)? Thanks, waiting for your response.
  5. A

    FlytPOD Flight Computer available for pre-order

    FlytPOD is an advanced flight computer running its own operating system FlytOS. Powerful enough to run complex algorithms. With Wifi and 4G cababilties you can connect your drones directly to Cloud. Integrate any of your payloads on the I/O panel. And with FlytOS Open APIs and SDK anyone can...
  6. M

    Help me build a Fixed Wing Mapping Drone

    Hello Everyone! My goal is to build a Fixed Wing Drone for aerial mapping that would be capable to fly autonomous missions for at least 30 minutes at an average speed of 15 meters per second. Such drone would probably consist of: 1) Pixhawk Autopilot (or any other autopilot that supports...
  7. RedTwenty

    Drone Social Innovation Award

    Just thought some people might be interested in this that cropped up on my Twitter feed the other day. I reckon this is an ideal challenge for Flite Test followers given their use of low cost materials and equipment. I've already started thinking about some...
  8. ik04

    How about an episode about autonomous flight?

    I am really interested in autonomous autopilot systems, such as the ardupilot. It would be great to see you guys set up a quadcopter with telemetry and use the mission planner to fly out of line of sight range. FPV is not even needed, because you can track the progress of the copter on the...