FMS/Roc Hobbies P-51 "Voodoo" from GearBest

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Mmmmmmm, balsa.
Now this one has me excited...! I haven't had a P-51 in flying condition since my mini-P-51 tried digging a hole through a paved parking lot. It was pretty small and not overly quick, but looked good in flight. That was a couple years ago and it is still waiting to be re-built.

Fast-foward, and I'm given the opportunity to check out the FMS/Roc Hobbies P-51 Voodo from GearBest. The P-51 is obviously a classic design and every company under the sun makes one (or more). FMS is no different, offering different sizes and even simply different color schemes on the same plane. This version can be purchased as the Voodoo or Strega racers, and I went the Voodoo route. My daughter now calls it my Mardi Gras plane due to the colors.

The order was placed and the waiting game started. It took a few weeks, and of course showed up after I left for a business trip! :)


When it arrived, I found out why it was delayed. Our government did their due diligence and made sure there was nothing nefarious in the box. Packaging was in good shape and everything was wrapped in heavy paper with yards of tape covering every seam. This was certainly better than most of my HK shipments!


Under the heavy paper was a layer of cardboard, again taped heavily. It's starting to feel like I'm opening an onion - layer after layer!


Soon I get to the actual box and am greeted with the P-51's picture, but the Strega and not the Voodoo. It turns out they use the same box for both planes, and the Voodoo picture is on the other side of the box.


Off comes the last layer of cardboard and I'm greeted with a very colorful and nice looking plane.


All laid out for inspection prior to assembly.


It's a foamie, so I don't expect perfection. However, check out the smooth(ish) paint over the foam which does a great job hiding what is underneath. Decals are sharp as well.


The canopy isn't super clear, but at full speed I won't care as long as it stays on. :)


The prop included is a 4-blade, which looks much better than the generic 2-blade found on most P-51 models. The spinner is nice and shiny, and quite large.


Again, nice details and graphics.


Retracts and flaps are standard, and one interesting detail is the gear doors. Notice how the leading edge of the gear door (towards the right of the pic) is sitting down inside the wheel well a bit? I'm guessing this wasn't a mistake, and that is to help make sure the gear door doesn't catch the wind and rip off in flight. Both doors are like this and the molding of the foam allows that edge to recess slightly. Wheels are typical quality, nothing special and better than some garbage wheels on other RTF kits.


Here is the only problem I have had with the kit so far - the decals. The boxed out area should have the checkerboard decal, but they put a piece of paper behind the decal so that the wing fairings could be installed. The paper would then be removed and the decal stuck down. However, with the paper backing you can't stick the decal down! I'll do some trimming and just glue it in place, not a huge issue. The tail wheel is steerable.


This is before I added a receiver. Plenty of room for a 2200 3S, but a 2200 4S is getting pretty cramped. I removed the Deans connector and replaced it with an XT-60. With a 4S at storage charge, this bird has a LOT of power! It should really be a screamer with a full charge.


Not finished, but it's starting to look like it is. All servos still need to be connected, radio programmed, etc. It's gaudy, but very sharp looking!


Mmmmmm, shiny.


More details as I get it finished up. Hopefully I have time to maiden it this weekend, as I'm heading out on vacation Monday and need to pack.
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Saw that, almost bought it when I had money at Xmas. Now with no money I'll just have to live out my fantasies with you.

Ewwww. Well, I'll be interested in seeing how it flys. Maybe I'll order one in a month.

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Mmmmmmm, balsa.
You don't know what you're missing, my life is pretty fantastic! :) From the reviews I've been reading & watching, it is supposed to be a very good performer and extremely fast, but I'll hopefully know for sure this weekend.

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Mmmmmmm, balsa.
Maiden Flight Report

First, I'd like to thank GearBest for sending me the P-51 Voodoo by FMS/Roc Hobbies to review, I appreciate the opportunity!

I really needed to get the maiden done this weekend, as I'm heading out of state for the next week on vacation and didn't want to delay the review. Today was sunny and winds were 10-15MPH - windier than I would like for a maiden. I hoped winds would be from the east or west since that would line up well with the runway. Of course, they ended up blowing hard across the runway... :( As you can see in the video, the plane tries turning into the wind on take-off. That wasn't too bad, but landing was a real trick as the plane was coming in at a harsh angle. Finally I had to decide to land across the runway, and actually did much better than expected.

But for the flying, I did two flights. Flight #1 was very uneventful and was mainly to get a feel for handling and trim the plane. Trimming was tricky again due to the wind, but I only touched the aileron trim. Ground handling was fine, although the wind made it interesting at times. With a 4S 2200 stuffed all the way forward the CoG was right on target. I can't say for sure due to the wind, but this plane really felt solid in the air. The high-speed passes were uneventuful and turns were smooth.

Speaking of high-speed, I wasn't sure what to expect with the Voodoo. Other reviews made it seem like it's a rocket ship, but from my uncalibrated eyeball it wasn't as fast as the Fun Fighters. It absolutely flew better than the Fun Fighters, but didn't seem quite as quick. Same story with the Kawasaki Ki-61 I reviewed. Don't get me wrong, it's a fast plane! And many people have posted threads on how to make it even faster. But it wasn't quite a fast as I expected. Still, you need decent reflexes if you go full speed.

Orientation was no problem thanks to the different colors on the plane. Being a sunny day this helped, but I'm not sure how good it would be on a cloudy day.

I did get some video of the maiden and the second flight, thanks to my wife for making the trip to the field with me. See below.

For anybody interested in this plane, know that they do offer 4 different versions on the GearBest website. Two WITH the ESC and two WITHOUT. I'm not sure why anybody would go without the ESC unless they want to add one that can handle more than 4S. You can also get two different color schemes, the Voodoo and the Strega. Both are exactly the same plane, but with different paint colors.

Like I said with the Ki-61, I'm very impressed with FMS planes! Both of these are a lot of fun to fly and also look great on the ground. I've only got 2 of the 4S packs, but know I'm going to need more! Please use this LINK to view or buy this plane. It helps GearBest know that people are reading these reviews.

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Mmmmmmm, balsa.
Everybody needs at least one P-51 in their hangar! I can't wait for some calm winds to see how it really handles at take off and landing.

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Mmmmmmm, balsa.
Here is some more detail on the two options available for this P-51:

You can get it in two paint schemes, the "Voodoo", which I have:


Which you can get as either a PNP for US $160 HERE,
or without the ESC for $151 HERE. For $9 more, I don't know why you wouldn't get the ESC version...

GearBest also has the "Strega Racing" version:


Which is also available at the same pricing, PNP at $160 HERE,
or without the ESC for $151 HERE.

Shipping to the US is showing as $24.92, which is a little better than I had expected based on orders I've placed with other companies from China.

As a comparison, Motion RC has the PNP version at $200. Same plane with a better website. Note that they are a good source for spare parts. I'm going to pick up a couple props since it's not difficult to nose-over on a tail-dragger.