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Foam board suggestions

Hi guys, first post on the forum. I have been building and flying for over 30 years, mainly gliders. I like the challenge of these foam board planes. Look like a lot of fun! I'm in Toowoomba, just west of Brisbane and was wondering what you guys use with regards to foam board?
Thanks in advance


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Thanks Merv, sorry should have added that i'm in Australia. Found some on ebay, but it looks like its for signage.
ebay product: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2-9mm-P...hash=item1cde771729:m:m2Z1vBCTIW5QVRbSqfw36Jg
I use a heavier Acid free FB which is normaly used to back photographs when mounted in a large frame.
As for a source I get mine from the local art shop though I do have a wholesaler lined up in the case I need vast quantities.

What works for me!

Have fun!
Looks good, I found an A2 size 5mm sheet they sell locally at the Office works shop. I'll pop down and grab a few of them, $9 a sheet, can't go wrong with that. Thanks for the info guys.
I'm in Mildura, Vic and use picture backing foam from the "Picture Parlour" it's paperbacked foam board seemingly identical to the dollar tree stuff, I've built several of the FT models using this and the results have been consistently good. I get a 1200x600 (or there abouts) for $20 Australian pesos.