Foam Wonder "Racer"

Foam Wonder "Racer" 1.0

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SP0NZ submitted a new resource:

Foam Wonder "Racer" - Foam Wonder "Racer" Free Build Plans

Foam Wonder
The "Racer"

Based on the original balsa wood design by Bruce Tharpe
Racer concept inspired by Tony Lewis

Foam Board Conversion by: Dan Sponholz
Plans by: Dan Sponholz

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The Sig Wonder is a classic balsa wood and plywood, gas powered model that was designed by Bruce Tharpe in the early 90's and kitted by Sig Manufacturing. Many veteran modelers and RC pilots are familiar with this classic...

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Thanks, @SP0NZ , this is a fun build. If it weren't so windy I'd be out flying it instead of writing this post :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:



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The weather surprised me this morning with the wind 3mph SE and 32°F. I built it to specs with the new shiny maker board but changed the battery hatch to a latch. With a 2300 3s battery I'm at 637g. It's a very nice predictable flier with no bad habits. I think I might increase the throws a little, maybe one hole on the servo arm. Thanks @SP0NZ !!



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The ailerons on this one are a bit smaller due to the rounded wing. I am not surprised that it may need some more throw. Looks like it flies awesome!
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Thanks! Took all the servos from the 2nd to the 4th hole on the servo arm. Flies great, very responsive.


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Any building suggestions? Built and fly the Ugly Wonder, Bloody
Baron, etc but this has different parts. Want to be sure I build it correctly....