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Foamboard Tri Copter with EDF Vectored Thrust


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Not built for accuracy but lots of fun… Some wobbles and jitters but gets the job done perfectly.

Ch5 high: pitch and roll differential thrust, yaw thrust vectoring

Ch5 mid: pitch, roll and yaw thrust vectoring, minimal tilt. MonoPhan thrust vectoring algorithm.

Ch5 low: pitch, roll and yaw thrust vectoring, optical flow position hold and BARO. No tilt… Arduino supported.

Fully foamboard with carbon fiber and aluminum enforcements.




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wait, so..

is it just set up as a tricopter with extra servo outputs, and then the servos are slaved on the TX, and then the different slaves are set to a single switch, all on the TX?

or does it command the flight controller to enter a different flight profile, and you've just pre-programmed this in to the flight controller.?

what software are you using?

this is pretty darn cool, and seems like a pretty neat thing to try with a normal tricopter too.