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I am going to build a mini FT A-10, but I dont want to pay $50 just to use 4 out of 25 sheets of foam.
I can buy foam at the dollarstore or hobbylobby, but the foam there does not let you peel the skin off or mold it, it just cracks.

Also, with scratch build plans, how can I mark out the lines on the build plans


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I personally have not had problems with Dollar Tree Foamboard. I really can't help you with the foamboard because I've only used DTFB and Flite test foam.

For the scratch build plans, you can use Elmers spray glue to attach them to your foam. Then you just cut the pieces out according to the plans. I usually just tape my plans on, but it's not as secure as the glue.

OutaTime FPV

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Super77 works really well. It grabs on, but not enough to tear the foam when you remove it. And as for foam tearing, I've found that the new Dollar Tree stuff prefers sharp blades. I usually spend more on my blades than the foam. If you buy a nicer blade for whatever cutting tool you're using, it will really go the distance.