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Forum photograph size?

Well, I've been here following the adventures of Josh and Josh (and David and Chad), and contributing absolutely nothing. I've built all the Swappables, and bought some of the reviewed proprietary models. Time to join in a bit. Another forum I follow is very picky about the size of photographs submitted, so I wondered if there are any size restrictions on this forum. My camera takes large photo files, so do I have to shink them (and to what size), or does the website do it automatically when a large file is submitted.

Many thanks,



Old age member
I cant answer your question but i always prepare my pictures before uploading to a web.
The width of the window you are writning is 750 pixels so that is a good measure unless you want someone to zoom your picture.
At the same time you can crop the picture to show what is of interest and perhaps adjust brightness if needed.
By reducing your picture from large size (1 to 3 megabytes) to a much smaller size (normally 20-100 kilobytes) you will make the upload a lot faster.
That's great advice, and just what I needed to know. I'll reduce all my photos to 750 Pixies per inch for the forum.
Very many thanks Mr Pgerts !
Trevor (in England, colder than Sweden just now......)
Or you can sigh up to photobucket (dot) com and upload the pictures on there. then they have a link you can copy and paste it directly onto the thread (its what i do) and plus, you can then delete the pictures off your computer and they are still saved