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FOUND: Crashed Hexacopter - Southeast Georgia

Dumpster Jedi

The One Who Speaks

Friend of mine passed this along, figured I'd post here just in case the owner comes here looking.
Found in a backyard in Effingham county. PM me for more info.


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
DANGIT DJ!!!! Had me going! I was hoping you'd found my V-tail :(

. . . though I've got no clue how it would have flown that far . . .

After experiencing the loss of a quad growing free will and flying away, I feel for the owner . . . but man! that has a GPS and FPV rig . . . Makes me wonder how he lost it . . .
Um... Yeah.... That's mine. It must have got caught in a nasty thermal and carried it down there....

If you could ship it back to Wisconsin for me I'd appreciate it!



Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
There is a lesson here: First and foremost ALWAYS put your NAME and ADDRESS on EVERYTHING you fly!
I can't make out all the components in the craft you found BUT it is not a cheap build!