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Hello everyone,

I just got into this hobby a little while ago. I came across a good video from rcmodelreviews on youtube that gave me the inspiration to start a website that will list all the fpv supporters in case a petition is needed if or when laws are passed that ban our hobby either partially or completely. Please check it out and forgive me on the use of "wix" website builder for it is the only html code friendly one that I could figure out how to use and it was free.

here is the link: http://fpvinternational.wix.com/fpvinternational

Help keep our community alive
Thanks, I got you on the list, you probably have already read the email I sent you to inform you of the updated list. Oh, and congratulations on being the first supporter to FPV community! We will stop those nasty legislative anti fpv laws from being passed...lol. No, but seriously I hope the site will help out in the future when the time comes, we just need to get the numbers of supporters to be larger.


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Sad thing is, even people IN the hobby don't know they are trying to legislate the drones, much less that FPV'ers are being lumped in with them. Hopefully, this will help get the word out there to those that don't know.


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Hey Richard I have followed the directions to register.
Can I suggest posting this site info on rc groups and fpv lab ect. Even pm rcmodelreviews so Bruce can include this in one of his vids
Hey Richard I have followed the directions to register.
Can I suggest posting this site info on rc groups and fpv lab ect. Even pm rcmodelreviews so Bruce can include this in one of his vids
Yes actually, I sent Bruce a private email last night about trying to get the word out about my site, he hasn't emailed me back. I will still have to contact FPV lab. And to anyone who joins I apologize if I don't get your name on the list right away, you have to remember I have a job too and being military currently still my hours are horrible and can go to the field for training at days to weeks even. Jamblor your updated now along with Paul, not sure where he is on the forums but if your reading this Paul your listed now.
Hey vk2dxn, if you want you can go ahead and bring the sites attention to fpv lab and rc groups because I don't have accounts over there and may make me look like a noob who just created a account and is advertising my website, (disrespectful in my mind). Just post some thread topics over there if you like.


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Hey Richard
Will do my friend, I don't have an rcgroups account but I will post on fpv lab for you.
Don't know how they will take it as I got off to a bad start with a rather ignorant heavy weight on that forum.


Thanks bro. Oh just added a forum to the site, pretty cool, but not so sure I like the format of it, but hey it was a free add on and can't complain too much. Still trying to figure out how to use it and edit the settings.
Thanks, also I am up for ideas to improve the site. This site may be created by me but it isn't mine, it is for you all, the community who love fpv flying and I just wanted to start a way to help make a difference.

This statement has nothing to do with RC hobby in anyway, but pertains to us Americans and people world wide.

Todays news, we are going to war with Syria soon (don't say I didn't tell you so), watch alex jones channel on youtube and start your awakening journey to how the world really works. Example: remember those weapons of mass destruction Iraq had that we never found but still invaded? Well remember those chemical weapons that Syria had (present event)? Thats the propaganda the news feeds on. Think about it my fellow Americans and all those out there like to stand up for their own beliefs and freedom.


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They spin it so they can get the public behind the effort. Ask yourself one question when stuff like this happens: Who benefits from this either financially or politically? Then you'll have a good idea of who is really driving the effort and why it being driven. I love my country but feel like most politicians and bureaucrats need to take a long walk off a short pier into shark and piranha infested waters.
Sorry but I feel like most of our recent actions have less to do with democracy and more to do with private agendas. Wow, now I sound like a conspiracy theorist...:mad:
conspiracy theorist? whats that? Oh ya I was labeled that too because of my open mind I have and not believing everything the news brings to the public. By the way if you wikipedia conspiracy it simply means truth but with one or few false facts thrown in. Wake up America, we need a protest or something... Maybe I will use my little quad to fly around autonomous routes hanging protest messages...haha, that would be something different. Ya, lets get a bunch of our little "drones" they call it and hang protest signs underneath, that will get peoples attention for sure.