FPV motoglider "Seabird" (modified version of FT explorer)

Mac Rc

Seabird (this is an improved version FTexplorer )
1 .wingspan 1650 mm
2. tail boom of PVC pipe 25mm (heated and bent over the flame)
3. location 9g servo and video transmitter on the tail, the ability to fly on any battery from 3S2000 to 3S6000 (3s5500 unit weighs 1350g)
4. rotating turret for the exchange rate of camera FPV+Gopro
5.strengthening the wing and fuselage wood rails 10*5 and plastic bottles
6. strengthening the front edge of the stabilizers with barbecue skewers
6. quick-release chassis made of foam + plastic card, the chassis stand is made of 4mm traction from the suspended ceiling
7. can sit on the water and swim to the shore
The device has withstood more than a dozen hard landings and splashings , but was badly damaged after a collision with the wires (cut the wing of the fuselage but the electronics are not affected) ...

It was decided to completely restore it from scratch-and this show the internal structure..