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Ok so i have recently recieved my order of all my quadcopter parts, and built it and attempted at programming The turnigy Plush 30 amp esc's with the programming card and all four are on the same settings, but when i get past a quarter throttle all the motors begin to run at different speeds, and makes my quadcopter jump all over the place,and prevents any sort of clean take off( an attempt was made at taking off but seeing as though the quad has no stability due to the lack of in time running of the esc's/ motors it just ends up crashing!! this is my setup:4x Turnigy 30 amp plush esc's
4x Turnigy 4208 620kv Brushless Multi rotor motor
Multi Wii control board with GPS
a 3300 mah 4S Lipo
Using 10x 4 props
ANd a spektrum full range reciver
All of this tied into the Hobbyking X650F Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 550mm

aswell as this i was told that i should calibrate my esc's with my control throttle range but i am unsure on how to do it using a DX6i with Multii Wii Pro 2 board
Any help would be much appreciated


New member
1. Unplug everything from your receiver (Rx).
2. Plug the ESC into the receiver Throttle channel.
3. Turn on your transmitter (Tx), and move the throttle stick to the top.
4. Power up your ESC with a motor attached (but without a prop!)
5. The ESC will beep a few times, then stop. How many times, and for how long, depends on the make and model.That means it has set the Throttle Max value.
6. After the ESC has stopped beeping, move your throttle on your Tx to zero. The ESC will then beep again, confirming that it has set the Throttle Min value.
7. Repeat this procedure for all your ESCs.
8. To make the procedure quicker, you can make up a harness connecting all the ESCs in parallel. This can be done either with servo extension leads, or with strip board and pin headers. This is well worth doing, as it makes the process much quicker, and sets the same range on all ESCs.

Hope this helps.