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There's something very scary about this episode of Flite Test. In this Episode watch as Josh and Josh build the Frankenplane! This scary plane not only performs amazing but it also looks cool too! Watch this episode to see it come ALIVE!

<strong>CAST &amp; CREW:
</strong><br> Josh Bixler - Host (Experienced)
<br> Josh Scott - Host (Noob)<br> David Windestal - Tricopter Pilot<br> Michael Cameneti - Producer/Editor/Composer/Videographer<br> Eric Monroe - Videographer
<br> Chad Kapper - Producer/Director<br> Joab Roseberry - Audio
<br> Wayne Griffith - Media Management



Gremlin on the Wing
I just stumbled upon this video, check it out! :black_eyed::black_eyed::black_eyed:

I think I have seen. that guy on RC Powers show before! Maybe that is the same park Dave used to fly at, back in the good ol' Daves.