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New Website!


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The long awaited Flite Test website is now active! Oh... and some other updates.

CAST &amp; CREW:<br>
Josh Bixler - Host (Experienced)<br>
Josh Scott - Host (Noob)<br>
David Windestal - Tricopter Pilot<br>
Michael Cameneti - Producer/Editor/Composer/Videographer<br>
Eric Monroe - Videographer<br>
Chad Kapper - Producer/Director<br>
Joab Roseberry - Audio<br>
Wayne Griffith - Media Management
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Very, Very nice! :D

There is one thing... When I read articles I often forget to rate it. If there was a rating at the end of the article too, it would be easier not to reglect :)
You may also wish to disable the option to select different themes in the forum... it kinda makes things difficult for folks if they're not sure and change theme... some of them don't give you the option to change back :)


Full Circle
Actually, I like the option of changing themes. For me, I like the original theme as I was used to it. I think there is a way to change all of the themes back, but not the most clear method.


Rotor Riot!
I think it would be useful to have a less graphic interface for mobile devices. My 2G iPod freaks out loading the home page.


ARC=Almost Ready to Crash
@FliteTest: Y can't I comment on an article? When I say save it gives me an error message saying "An item with the same path already exists."