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Frcfoamies, parkjet plans

thanks, yes the alpha jet is amazing at high alpha. if you do a search on youtube for boxermad84 alpha jet, you should find lots of videos. here is a good one.


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Hey boxer, i love your designs, I was wondering how would you imagine these planes going if they were built out of dollar tree foam?


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Welcome Boxer, glad you have jumped on board this forum. Now everyone will be able see the fantastic stuff you are doing that I have written about in previous threads and private messages. You are one of my very favorite designers/builders and I am certain you will be a smash hit on Flitetest.
John (jd7792)
Hey boxer, i love your designs, I was wondering how would you imagine these planes going if they were built out of dollar tree foam?
Eagle4, I'm Jay's (boxermad84's) partner at FRCFoamies.com. Most of the planes will do fine with DT. From my experience, DT adds 20% to the weight over Depron or MPF, so if you have the right power system, almost any model will fly. But, how it will fly is the question. I have found that using lightweight glues {like foam tac} can save you a couple of ounces per plane over hot glue, so that would get you back in the ball park. What plane are you considering? The SU37 does really well with weight, and feels nimble at higher wing loading whereas the SU35 without canards does not. The Eurofighter, being an EDF, would have good wing loading, but thrust would be lacking from a standard 70mm. Alpha Jets are golden with wing loading, and the A10 Warthog too as long as you have a strong wing spar. The F35 600 needs low wing loading due to its smaller wingspan, so I would not recommend the DT appreach. The new F15 Mk2 is another great choice for DT, and definitely do rudders! The rudders are excellent on the F15!

BTW, I saw David and Josh at NEAT fair and gave David one of our first Alpha Jet kits to try. I hope we can all encourage him to build, fly and record his flight! This is my favorite alpha jet video...
Thanks for your interest in FRCFoamies!
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Its been a while since we updated this thread, so let me just post a couple things. In July, Jay and I met for the first time when he came to the US for a visit! We went to the JettaMadDan fly in and flew together- the SU35 mk2 vs F15 mk 2:

We also have a couple newer models out:
The A10 Warthog Score and Fold:

and the F15 MK2:
F15 Mk2.png

Jay is now working on a project that will knock your socks off! We felt this project was not only a cool plane like the A10, but is a cool plane AND has a great story behind it. Watch this space closely!!
For the future, we will take things a notch higher to offer real innovative score and fold planes. We hope you'll enjoy building them as much we enjoy designing them!


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I just used my phlatprinter to cut out one of your alphajets. I glued it up with hot glue and a 1300mah battery it came in at 15.2oz using something similar to depron. I'm looking forward to tossing it into the air soon.
I'd like to make one with led's. Any recommendation on how to light it up best?
Now I'd like to make another of your more conventional planes -it sounds like the f15 mk2 would be a good choice, is that the favorite?
I flew the Alpha jet today, once using a 1300 mah battery and once using 2200. It did well with both. THe really odd thing with this plan was that I could chop the throttle at height, slowly pull the stick back and it would come floating straight down competently stable and completely stalled. I drained both batteries.
I didn't have any 5 inch props so I had to put in a 6 inch one, which meant that I needed to enlarge the top hole a bit and cut into the top wing. It made a lot of noise, more than the flitetest F16. Maybe I need to trim away additional material, I must be loosing a lot of efficiency.
rowedent, glad to hear you had some good flights with the Alpha Jet. The plan is good for a 6 inch prop and with some trimming you should get a 7 inch prop in there. I wonder if the scale as correct? Did you check the scale mark? A 5 inch prop should not be necessary. Also, the reason why the Alpha Jet is so stable at high angles is the airflow between the two wings, and if you modify the prop slots or the dimensions of the wings to quiet the noise, it will lose its stability. So, I would recommend living with the noise, or better yet, build our MK2 Alpha Jet when we release the plans NEXT WEEK! The efficiency is a little better so the noise is quieter, but more importantly, the plane is a lot more stable in all conditions. And it fits a 7 inch prop in stock form.